Saturday, May 14, 2016

That "Motherhood" Thing

I haven't been blogging for quite some time now, mainly because of too many duties I have to juggle. 2 years ago my son successfully weaned from me, I felt strange emotions and weird thoughts would fill my head as I begin to think about the future, My kids, My Marriage, Getting older, and other "Womanly" Things. I've read about Depression during weaning here, and concluded that hormones are to blame. So I have to divert my "Sadness" by trying new activities, If there are beautiful things that I discovered during this phase it would be:

I enjoyed Fitness - I have to flush out those sad thoughts ad eventually give in to my friends fitness invites and I eventually loved it. Today, I can proudly do ATG Squats, Plank and run 20 minutes straight on the treadmill - things that I cannot do before. The weight loss is just an added bonus (Vain as it may sound), I don't care about the scales anymore, I look forward on being able to UP my strength and live longer.

I moved to a new Career - Since I have more time to think and ponder on things, I realized what I wanted to do and Go for it. I'm not yet there, but little by little, I'll reach my destination. As my Fave song here states: It's all just a matter of time.

I learn how to Drive - I always been scared to drive, because I'm afraid of getting hurt and hurting others. I'm afraid of the possible accidents, the traffic police, the stress that traffic in Manila brings. I never expected that Learning how to drive will give me such freedom and empowerment which I will be thankful for - for the rest of my life.

I returned to School - Of all the things that got me busy these past few days, this one took most of my time. This is not Grad school for all you know, but I become more involved in my Children's Learning. Both at school and at Home, and I never perfected it yet. Scary as it may sound, I felt that I progressed but still Far from "IT". Its always been a trial and error for all of us, and emotions are at cost, we cannot avoid the pain. Good thing Acceptance would always save the day.

So there, those were the things that kept my busy after breastfeeding and cloth diapering, its still motherhood but in a different setting. And with a bit of time on fingers now, I documented our timeline below. When I become too old to type or tap any gadget, I would gladly (forcibly) show this to my kids, so they can learn (and unlearn) my thoughts during those days when they were too young to understand my nagging, my over protectiveness and why I need to rush simple things a lot. By that time, they would probably understand what motherhood meant :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

boosting my kids esteem

I took my daughter to shower as I prepared her for school, I am also in a hurry for work so I joined her. As soon as I take off my clothes she pointed to my kangaroo pouch. I was a little surprise as I heard this words from her: "mommy I don't want that (my tummy bulge  I don't want to be fat that is why I'm not eating rice anymore" surprised, I asked her why. She told me that she were being called names in school and were offended by those. This month I noticed that she has been rejecting her plate several times and would always prefer finger food and fruit juices, though I did't have an idea what she's been going through at school.

At 5 years old she already stands 3'11 and is the tallest among her class. Her pedia isn't worried about her weight because she's not over weight considering her height and built. I don't worry myself because at her age she isn't into sweets and junk foods, she prefers whole foods. Though her pedia suggested that we drop her Vit.B's because she grows so fast and may not need it anymore. But I guess she has come to the age where she's becoming more aware socially. What her environment tell her becomes important to her and her appearance in front of her becomes important to her. Alarmed? Nope.

I believe everyone goes through this stage. Where we put too much emphasis on how we want to be perceived  I know she's not too young for this, I know she will be more confident and happier if she were able to decide what she wants an work to get it.

Cartoon from here

After that conversation I told her words most mom would reply: "wow that is why you look thinner nowadays! But hey you're not fat, you're just tall like daddy"

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Android Apps for Moms

I am a satisfied Android user for 3 years now, I love how I can personalize my smartphone with android running on it plus there are millions of amazing free apps to choose and try. I admit that some of them even made my life easier. Balancing my work and my duties at home is no easy task and I am really thankful that technology interferes. Below are my favorite applications via Googleplay:

1. YNAB - I am a YNAB user, so YNAB for android is such an amazing tool for me. I have tried several budgeting tools and so far YNAB is the best! For the non-YNAB user, YNAB is short for You Need A Budget. The App uses cloud syncing so you could enter your transactions right before you leave the store! Talk about having an up to date budget. The transactions are synced automatically, whether in your YNAB mac or PC, or your Husband's YNAB iphone.

2. OurGroceries - If your'e a busy mom who juggles client calls, kids workshop, meetings, school assignments, corporate presentations, reports--- everyday, I bet you feel lucky that you have a husband who could always do the groceries for you. But then you take a look at the grocery bag and saw that some most of the items you listed isn't there. Then he tells you that he accidentally left the grocery list somewhere... Then this apps for us! You could enter multiple list for different stores and send them directly on your husbands android. A bonus feature of this app is; enter a new recipe and the app will build the ingredients list by itself!

3. Zebra Paint - You are on leave and your boss calls, but you cannot answer the phone because your kid is tugging your shirt and the other is asking to be feed... An android device and Zebra Paint app shall do the trick! Let the kids amuse themselves with the Apps with 40 different templates and creatively  mixes their own colors as you make that important call just for 10 mins!

4. First Aid - Talk about Live-saving App ---Literally! This app is filled with helpful instructions you could surely use for emergencies. From a simple boo-boo to heart attacks, First Aid app is designed to help you follow the right procedures either in your own situation or for a friend in need calls. This app is perfect for the ever-vigilant moms!

5. My Script Calculator - You'll just love this apps' interface. Its like computing on piece of paper you could write, erase and performs equations. It basically offers the same experience on computing on a piece of paper but with the technological advancements!

*Images are from Google Play

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Life-Saver

I mentioned here before about my "battle" with sore nipples due to breastfeeding a teething baby. It was at that time when I thought that the pain is never-ending. We are still breastfeeding right now, but the painful part eventually passed. I'm so glad that baby is past that stage when he was so excited to try his new teeth onto my flesh. So, I would like to commend a great product through this blog post! Ameda Comfort Lan has been a lifesaver! I tried a couple of well-known lanolin as well but this one is really the best for me. A pea size amount will be enough to soothe a cracked bleeding nipple, it offers unbelievable comfort that last for hours. I brought mine at Babymama, I intend to purchase the other brand but it was out of stock at that time and I badly needed a new lanolin so I purchased Ameda even if I haven't tried it before. Kudos to Babymama for always having an alternative product for mommies like me. The product arrived on time and didn't failed me, back then I will bring it anywhere I go. I use it before pumping, after pumping, before nursing, after nursing, after bathe or whenever I feel any form of discomfort around my nipple area. I was able to get a free .25 oz travel size Ameda comfort Lan, thanks to babymama, which I now use as a lip balm :)

To all the breastfeeding mamas who are now faced with the difficulty of sore, cracked nipples, I personally recommend Ameda Pure Lan. Also please remember that ---this too shall pass.

Photo from

I pass that stage when my nursling were about 16 months. It was a relief not seeing blood on my baby's cheeks anymore!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

When to Stop Breastfeeding?

My son is 18 months and still breastfeeding, I guess when a baby pass that 1 year - stage most people expect that moms shouldn't be breastfeeding anymore--- We are not an exception. I never planned a certain age or length of time when we should breastfeed, and I have to  admit that sometimes I become skeptical whether I should begin encouraging my Son to wean at 18 months. Well, because some friends told me that I might be encouraging my son to be dependent to me by not weaning him soon.

That is a major blow against the parenting style I am trying to impose to my kids. I believe in classical parenting which involves a little spanking and strict-er in a sense. Its difficult to impose this kind of parenting when progressive is the trend. Anyway, I am fully aware of the benefits of breast milk especially for kids past 1 year or 2 years, that is why I am willing to breastfeed my son for as long as we can, but I never expected that people (even in the area we live in) would raise their eyebrows whenever they find out that were still breastfeeding, with all the breastfeeding campaigns and laws all being passed around, I honestly expected that breastfeeding past 1 year would become a norm soon. But there's got to be more than the influence formula company advertisements made that changed the view of the public towards breastfeeding. Most of the people who advised me to wean my kids were breastfeeding moms themselves, but for just a year. Their reason for stopping? Dependency. By breastfeeding a toddler, according to them trains a child to always seek for their mother's chest for comfort, either when hurt or when just plain uncomfortable when they should be learning to adjust to the big world instead. Honestly, comments like those scares me. On the other hand I felt happy that there are still a lot of parents here like me who supports the classical parenting method where discipline is the focal point. But gee, how am I going to jive it with self-weaning?

Breastfeeding a New Born

Monday, February 25, 2013

From Toddler to Grown up kids: On my kid’s Nutrition and growth.

I was trying to organize my closet when I found my kids Baby book, each has new born pictures and I cannot help but compliment on how much they've grown -  well at least I didn't get teary-eyed. Anyway, I track the latest records upon remembering that my son has a vaccine scheduled next month, I cannot help it but to compare my kid’s growth chart.

A Comparison: My Daughter's - Left, My Son's - Right.

Upon the comparison, it is noted that my Son is much a heavy weight-er compared to my daughter. It should be noted that of course she is female and female toddlers do weigh lesser that their male counter parts, some moms would also note that second babies are bigger than first born  it could also be true. My son weighed 8.4 lbs when I gave birth to him while my daughter weighs 7.8 lbs. Genetics may also play a part of course. But I liked to think that my exclusive breastfeeding played a major role in my sons nutrition ( i’ll get a lot of objections, I know) as I had a short breastfeeding stint with my daughter. While that might not be true of course J but its funny how my son loves every food I devoured into on my early days of breastfeeding him, beef, cassava, purple yam...and the list goes.

Don’t get me wrong, my daughter isn't the most picky eater in town. She loves veggies as much as she loves fried chicken, at night we could just eat salads my husband will whip up on those lazy weekends when neither of us has the strength to cook for dinner an she’ll love it. Last night she were complimenting on daddy’s tomato+boiled eggs dish. She now stands 4’2” which is already considered tall for her age.

Whenever we visit their pedia, she will be amazed on how the kids are growing so fast (which I know is her reaction for all her clients) and she will remind the kids on healthy food choices. I am not strict in their food choices, I must say, I allowed them to taste several junk foods as I also treat myself to these foods occasionally, but I have to commend my kids for not preferring their “sweets” over a slice of tropical fruits. Most of the time, my daughter will caught me snacking on a chocolate bar and remind me that sweet foods aren't healthy, stress eating is always my reply.

While these post isn’t really about comparing my kid’s weight and height, but a post on how a common mom could be so amazed on how her kids grow up right before her eyes!


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